Auto Enrolment Useful Facts (March 2019)

Auto Enrolment – presents a number of challenges and is fairly confusing for even the keenest of minds. Who qualifies, when do they qualify, what reporting requirements do I have, what records must I keep are key questions that are brought together on the following page of Useful Facts.

New Employers Obligations under Auto Enrolment:

The pensions regulator has a 2 minute video explaining when your obligations start, and tasks you must under take.

Click here to link to the page with the video

Make a Declaration of Compliance within 5 months:

Gather the following information:

Then fill out the declaration:

Need to ask a question with an unbiased opinion?

You could consider visiting the Pensions Advisory Service and connect for a WebChat

What are your duties to employees that do not qualify for Auto Enrolment?

Your employee is asking to join, but they don’t meet the requirements that give you an obligation to enroll them automatically. What do you have to do? The following three scenarios are explained:

If you earn up to 10000

If you are above state pension age

If you are 21 or under

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