Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

There is much that can be said about Stamp Duty Land Tax and I do not intend to try and cover all potential aspects of this in a humble blog.

This blog covers a few issues that I was looking into recently in respect of residential properties:


SDLT = Stamp Duty Land Tax

BTL = Buy to Let

HMRC – H M Revenue & Customs

Italics = Direct download from the listed webpage/link


Buying Flats in one premises that might be considered to be multiple properties:

Unless the Flats have entirely separate access points (e.g. no shared front door) they are likely to be regarded as one premises for SDLT purposes.  e.g. Two flats bought together costing say £280,000 would most likely not be regarded as two separate properties of £140,000 (which would otherwise reduce the overall charge to SDLT).

Click to read HMRC Manual which gives a fuller explanation

How much stamp duty might be due?

This is a useful link where you can run various scenarios, including if the property is not your only one.

If it’s not your only property chances are you will pay an additional charge.

Click through to a stamp duty calculator

Buying through a company – does it avoid the additional charge?

If you have one property already, will buying your second through a company remove the additional charge?

This article confirms a company also pays the additional charge

Companies must pay the higher rates for any residential property they buy if:

  • the property is £40,000 or more
  • the interest they buy is not subject to a lease which has more than 21 years left

If the property costs more than £500,000, the 15% higher threshold SDLT rate for corporate bodies may apply instead.”

I hope that you have found this interesting and that some of the links prove to be of help.  If you however you would like some structured advice then please be sure to get in touch:


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