Are paper invoices a thing of the past?

From my personal experience HMRC have accepted scanned invoices in recent times.  Here’s what HMRC have to say about it : Saving invoices electronically

The key extract from that link is:

5.3 Scanned paper invoices stored electronically

You may store what were originally paper VAT records in an electronic format as long as you can meet the requirements explained in this notice for ensuring authenticity, integrity and legibility.

Authenticity and integrity must be maintained during the conversion process as well as during storage.

Good news for a change!

In the real world of Bookkeeping, most Cloud based accounting packages allow you to upload the invoices digitally and store them with the transaction.

Hub Doc have a great facility that provides exactly the kind of service that will make Making Tax Digital a breeze.  Connect it to the supplier account, enable it to access invoices, automate the download and feed it in!

Take me to the HubDoc site so I can take a look

It may seem like smoke and mirrors right now, but in a few years I predict this will just be the norm.

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