Cyber Security & GDPR

Cyber Security & GDPR

Both are hot topics at the moment as our Inboxes are plagued with messages asking us for permission to keep and use our data.

The data protection act of 1998 was well overdue an update to bring our attention to the risks in the modern environment but it is not just about ticking a few boxes in a database.

We really need to have Cyber Security on the forefront of our minds to protect ourselves from crime.  Like locking your car doors and closing windows when you’re away from it.  You won’t catch the data thief on CCTV – but you do have data encryption to help ensure that what they do steal, they cannot actually use.

For an easy to read explanation of the wider aspects of Cyber Security, please click this link through to the National Cyber Security Centre:

This link provides a good resource for understanding how Cyber Security overlaps with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) that came into force on 25th May 2018.


USB Memory Sticks

Ever lost a memory stick?   GDPR could mean that you are responsible for what happens with the data that it contains (legal advice should be sought if you have concerns in this respect).

It is possible that your windows operating system contains Bitlocker which would enable you to encrypt such devices.  Find out how to do this here:

If this is not available to you then bring it to us and we can do it for you (there is no charge to our clients for this).

Password Managers

One of the questions we wanted answered was in respect of Password Managers that are available for free or as a subscription.  Some are available as Browser add ons, others as software and/or Apps.

The short story is that the National Cyber Security Centre says “Yes. Password managers are a good thing.”

So we are currently researching the market in this respect.